The Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program is a pathway of sorts to permanent residence in Canada. There are several ways to apply for this program. One of the most popular ways to apply is by using a Canadian Immigration agent. This agent can help secure you an immigrant visa and provide necessary information about the rest of the program.


If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, there are certain eligibility requirements that you must meet. For some categories of skilled workers, you must be sponsored by a Canadian employer. For other categories, such as the province-based points system or the national job offer, applicants must be able to prove through CFS form(s) that they meet the eligibility requirements. To find out more about the different options, see the links below.


The Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program does not currently have any special program requirements for language proficiency. However, if you plan on entering Canada under the job offer, you should consider completing CFS training or improving your English language proficiency prior to applying. This will make your job offer more appealing to employers.

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Language skills are an important consideration because many immigrants who work in Canada want to live in the country permanently. While many countries offer highly skilled workers, Canada is a top destination. In addition to having a highly skilled worker population, Canada has a large number of retirees. Many of these retirees are from other countries, but they wish to remain in Canada permanently or they might desire a transfer of their status if they change their permanent residence to Canada.


Please note that it is illegal for a non-immigrant to claim benefits under the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program based on false information or false documentation. False information or documentation can lead to penalties or fines. False information or documentation includes but is not limited to, obtaining the wrong type of social insurance number, stating incorrect employment dates or information, providing the wrong type of identification documents, or falsely stating that you are a resident of another country when you are not. If you are caught in this situation, you could face criminal prosecution.

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An excellent way for immigrants and non-immigrants to obtain employment in the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Pool is through CFSR. CFSR pools the highly skilled workers together based on their language ability, work experience, education, and other factors. By doing so, pooling the applicants ensures that the largest group of candidates are available for jobs. This also makes selecting jobs easier for recruitment agencies and employers.


For immigrants or non-immigrants who do not meet the eligibility criteria for CFSR, there are other options available. Applicants may be accepted into a program called the Employer-Sponsored Program, which requires no investment, down payment or credit check. In this case, employers are required to pay the first year’s costs of training, plus a one-time submission fee. Once enrolled in the program, potential workers can apply for up to three years of work experience, educational credential assessment and registration.

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To see if you meet the basic criteria for admissions to Canada’s skilled labour pool, visit the Canadian Immigration website. You can also request an electronic scorecard from the site, which will allow you to track your progress over time. Keep in mind that after you apply for CFSR or an EAD program, you will no longer be considered under the age of eighteen. Once you reach this age, you will need to complete an additional registration with CFSR or another employer-sponsored program to re-apply.



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