Canada is a tolerant country that offers equal chances for every member of society to have a better lifestyle. This is the main reason that many foreigners prefer to immigrate into the country.

In most cases, they opt for family immigration Canada solutions. If you’re a skilled worker who’s just recently graduated from a Canadian university, then you may apply for one of the many immigration solutions available in the market.

Immigrants usually need to get a Canadian passport in order to immigrate to Canada. However, some countries may refuse to accept immigrants who lack a valid passport.

If this happens, you will have to get a valid passport in order to live and work in Canada. For those who don’t have Canadian citizenship, it’s still possible to apply for a temporary resident card or a work permit in Canada.

Under the family immigration strategy, it is possible for partners to stay together for more than two years. This means that the partners should be able to meet the requirements for immigration according to the rules in the country where they live. Usually, a person who arrives to Canada with only one partner is not eligible for a partner visa.

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Partners should fulfill the requirements for immigration according to their nationalities. Sponsors who are not Canadian citizens can sponsor their spouse who is a Canadian citizen.

The spouse doesn’t need to have his/her own passport in order to sponsor an individual. This is because sponsors are only required to give their authorization to the Canadian embassy so that they can process the visa for the individual. Therefore, it’s better to apply to sponsor an individual if you have your own citizenship to Canada.

When applying for a sponsorship, the spouses must be living in a Canadian province or territory when the application is made.

In order to sponsor an individual who is not a Canadian citizen, the applicant must have been residing in Canada for at least three years. This can only be done if you have your own Canadian citizenship and you have met all the necessary Canadian immigration requirements.

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Also, this option is good for those who have acquired citizenship in Canada and who have become permanent residents of Canada. After attaining the status as a permanent resident, you can apply to sponsor another individual for a visa.

However, if you have a partner who is a Canadian citizen but who is not a Canadian citizen, you cannot apply to sponsor your partner for a visa.

The reasons for this are that there is no change in the status of the immigrant. Sponsors are only allowed to sponsor their family members. The family members cannot be from another country or from any other place in the world.

It should also be noted that permanent residency does not necessarily mean you will receive Canadian citizenship. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website have a web page that contains information about obtaining a permanent resident card.

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Once you obtain one, you may also apply for Canadian citizenship if you meet other residency requirements. If you wish to apply for Canadian citizenship, you should also consult the Canadian Immigration site to find out what it takes to become eligible for Canadian citizenship. Once you obtain citizenship, you will be able to apply for a Canadian passport.

In conclusion, family immigration to Canada can be a good option for those with green cards. If you do not have green cards, or you would like to obtain one, then family immigration to Canada is the perfect solution.

If you sponsor a spouse, child or parent, then the family class sponsorship system will assist you in getting a green card. If you have already obtained a permanent resident card, or you are eligible to get one, then you may sponsor your family to come to Canada.



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