The recruiter for a farm worker’s job in Canada will find various types of profiles. There are well-educated entry-level farm workers looking for seasonal or long-term work. Then there are the experienced farm workers looking for a long-term position or outright employment.

There are families with children seeking workers to take care of them when their parents return from long trips, there are students who need help paying for school and there are others like retired people who need a job to get back into the workplace. The recruiter will be responsible for approaching employers that have these profiles, screening them to make sure they are fit for the job and determining if it is the right job for each profile.


The recruiter will first do an interview with each profile. In the interview process, the employer will share what skills the farmworkers are seeking. This will include how long they have been on the farm, what skills they have acquired along the way and their experiences related to the specific type of work being sought. The recruiter will ask questions relating to their experience. What are their specific goals? What do they want to accomplish in terms of a work career on a farm?


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The recruiter needs to determine if the profile fits the needs of the employer. If an employer does not have a specific goal in mind, the recruiter will move on to other profiles. The recruiter needs to determine if the candidate will fit the specific needs of the farm and the needs of the employer. The recruiter needs to look at the work history, education, experience and other details about each candidate and determine if those details fit the job criteria.


When finding a farmworkers job in Canada, some positions may be temporary. There may be openings for construction, maintenance, harvesting, tilery and other positions. Sometimes farm owners recruit workers for specific tasks. These tasks can include helping to harvest crops, helping with cattle and sheep shearing or operating equipment on a farm.


Recruitment for farmworkers can take place at the local farms, in nearby communities or via internet-based applications. Employers who post openings online receive multiple responses. The internet has proved to be very effective in locating potential employees.


Finding a job on a farm is different than finding one in a city. Working on a farm can be a lot of work. Farmers have different needs than city people. In a city there are typically programmable machines available to help with the workload. On a farm, there are no such things. There are also risks involved because the conditions on a farm are much different than the safety measures required in a city.

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When job seeker finds a position that meets their needs, they will conduct an interview and ask all the right questions to determine if this is the right job for them. They will want to know about the experience and education of the potential farmworkers. The employer may also have specific needs regarding experience in their industry or specific languages. The final step is for the worker to submit an application and passport for travel purposes.


The process of recruitment for farmworkers is often very time-consuming and difficult. Employers must first find qualified candidates, conduct the interview, provide education and experience questions and conduct travel requirements. However, if all the steps are followed, an opportunity to work in Canada for farmworkers exists.


Recruitment for farmworkers can take place through both federal and local sources. The recruiter must locate applicants in each region of Canada and then follow the appropriate channels to contact them. Each worker may have their own particular preference for where they would like to work. Therefore, each application and related documentation must be sent to the appropriate candidate. This could be local recruitment agencies or specialized farm bureaus in each region.

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Agencies that specialize in finding farm workers will assist employers in each stage of the process, from application submission to initial consideration and to the actual interview and selection of candidates. Applicants can complete applications online and most employers will receive a response within one to two weeks. Once the employer has selected a candidate, the recruiter then travels to the farm, whether it is permanent or temporary, and interviews the new farm worker.


If at any point during the recruitment process an applicant feels that they have been short-changed in terms of pay or conditions, they should not hesitate to let the recruiter know. The recruiter will attempt to negotiate terms that are fair to all parties involved. The majority of applicants who receive an offer of employment from a farm do so with the understanding that they will eventually receive a substantial increase to their regular salary. In most cases, a successful negotiation is based on the positive relationship that is established between the employer and the agency representing the employee.



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