Recruitment for garbage truck drivers in Canada is not easy to find. The Canadian government does not advertise the positions in the labor force nor does it promote them among the general public.

On the other hand, the need for garbage truck drivers is very high because the trash that the truck collects each day is a significant amount of waste. Without truck drivers, garbage companies would not be able to function properly.

Most of Canada’s large cities have a large population of populations well over ten thousand strong. These populations include people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities for a garbage truck driver in Canada.

In addition, because most garbage trucks are large, many companies also own small fleets of vehicles for temporary work on site.

In order to secure a position as a garbage truck driver in Canada, one must have a valid license from a Canadian employment agency.

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The license must be renewed periodically and it can only be suspended if the applicant has been convicted of a criminal offence.

Some of the criminal offences include driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs or trafficking drugs or alcohol.

Drivers that are subjected to random drug and alcohol tests are not eligible for employment by Canadian haulage authorities.

To become a garbage truck driver in Canada one first needs to get trained at trucking schools. These schools usually last about six months to one year.

Trucking schools prepare students to pass a comprehensive examination, including written and driving examinations. They also provide practical training such as driving, route mapping, emergency procedures, vehicle mechanics and heavy equipment usage.

The trucking companies usually hire graduates of trucking schools upon completion of the training course.

In addition to completing trucking schools, trucking companies also conduct interviews and drug screenings. To be hired by a Canadian garbage trucking company, applicants must pass various drug tests.

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These drug tests are usually conducted before the companies send their applications to the employment agencies. The main aim is to check for any illegal substance in the body. Drivers are also required to undergo a physical exam, fingerprinting and background checks.

After receiving an application from a garbage truck driver seeking a job in Canada, the recruiter will contact the candidates and schedule interviews.

The interview process can last up to a month and candidates can expect to be contacted every two weeks until all applications have been reviewed.

The garbage trucking recruiter ensures that all information provided by the would-be workers is true, accurate and complete. He will also conduct a background check to ensure that all information provided by the candidate is correct.

Once all the garbage truck drivers who applied for a job in Canada have been invited for an interview, they will be asked to bring their resumes to the assigned workplaces.

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The garbage trucking recruiter will review each of the candidates and choose those that passed the initial screening. The garbage trucking recruiter forwards the resumes to the employers.

Employers then evaluate the resumes. If the resumes are suitable for the jobs, then the candidates will be invited for further interviews.

Recruitment for garbage truck drivers in Canada is a difficult process. Those who want to work in the field should undergo several interviews and drug tests.

The garbage trucking recruiter ensures that his clients get the best possible services. He ensures that all the garbage trucking companies get the best garbage truck drivers available. To achieve success, the garbage trucking recruiter follows a system that ensures each company gets quality recruitments.



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