Canada is a country with a strong tradition of providing quality employment opportunities to its workers. The very idea that someone from another country can travel to Canada and work is pleasing to many. The same is true for professional qualifications which are highly valued internationally. When one travels to Canada, they take their chances and the very best opportunity is given to them.


One must do thorough research on all the possibilities available to them. There is a vast number of job opportunities which one can choose from and their choice depends on their individual needs. It may be the skills required for the project or the professional qualification required. There are different levels of training available and one can choose according to their requirement.


One must take into account the fact that there are many countries where a professional is hired but yet cannot practice their profession because they have not acquired the necessary Canadian work experience or the professional qualification required. Recruitment for Welder Jobs in Canada is done differently than one does it for another profession.

The very first thing to be done is to acquire the professional qualification or the professional skill that is relevant to the job. In Canada, you will need to acquire the International Wiser’s Technique or the International Wiser’s Code. This is a certification that indicates your knowledge of welding.

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The International Wiser’s Code is normally obtained after completing an apprenticeship program. After this one can be qualified as a journeyman welder. They can also be advanced to become a full-fledged welder with higher pay and more job opportunities. It is important to note that all professionals in the field of welding have to obtain a recruitment record. This is proof of the fact that one has been professionally trained.


When a candidate applies for a welder job in Canada he/she needs to submit the professional training certificates and pass a written test. The certification proves that one has been thoroughly trained and understands the trade. This is a very important requirement to be fulfilled in order to start working. In addition to this, when one is employed he/she will be issued with work cards. These cards will provide all the information regarding one’s salary and his/her role in the organization.


A candidate should ensure that his skills are up to date as regular welding processes evolve due to technological advances. It is therefore important that one keeps themselves abreast with all the latest welding technologies. One has to learn all the new techniques and methodologies of welding in order to perform well in one’s job.

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Recruitment for welder jobs in Canada can be carried out in various ways. One way is by approaching a local professional union or association. These unions are especially useful as they have access to the necessary resources for this purpose. However, professional unions often get involved in heavy political conflicts and thus do not have the best of interests at heart. Therefore it is wise to approach a non-aligned source.


Another option for recruitment for welder jobs in Canada is via online sources. There are a number of online welding schools which offer courses for welding. One has to bear in mind that there are limitations to these courses. Therefore one needs to ascertain that the online source is reliable.


The third method of online training is through correspondence. This option is suitable if one is on a short-term assignment or job search. By making use of this method one can ensure that they get personal one-on-one coaching. In addition, they will be able to get practical experience of the course material. However, in Canada, this method is not well accepted as there is very little technical support available. Therefore, one needs to ascertain that the online institute offering the course is reputable and of good quality.

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The fourth way in which you can access a good job is through referrals from friends and relatives. It is recommended that before you obtain referrals you do some homework. Find out if the person to whom you are referring has a good record in the welding field. Confirm that he has attended the welding school you are referring to. If this information is confirmed, make sure that you do follow up by calling him to see if you can arrange a meeting.


Recruitment for welders is a good career opportunity for those who are qualified and well trained. These professionals can be placed in various industries. They include automotive manufacturers, shipyards, power producers, steel producers and construction companies. You may also want to consider a career as an architect or landscape designer, or another field in which one has a good amount of interest.



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